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Back40 is a brand devoted to giving you the best products and information you can get so that you and your family are prepared for any disaster whether it be natural or man made in origin. If the big storm, quake, or social upheaval should occur we all need to be ready in our homes and businesses to survive not only for the short term (they tell us over and over the first 72 hours we are on our own) but also for the long term if there is no real chance of things returning to normal.

What does that mean? Well whether you are a prepper, survivalist, or whatever you want to call yourself, you must have a plan, you must have supplies, and you must have trained yourself in how to implement these tolls and resources for you and your family.

Back40 was born of the need to get products for your family that will help you in these times of survival. But also as important we want to help share the knowledge that is needed to successfully survive whatever comes along. If you have all the tools and supplies but don’t know how to use them then you are out in the cold so to speak. We aim to give you both the tools but also the knowledge.

Our family that puts this company together is just like your family. We have homes, children, relatives, and friends that we want to make sure are able to survive and thrive through any situation that should come along. We care about what happen to our family and we want to do whatever is necessary to protect them and keep them warm and fed in any situation.

We hope you will trust the information we bring you. We hope you will share your knowledge and insight about being prepared. And most of all we stand behind our products one hundred percent of the time and we promise to make you a satisfied customer of Back40 no matter what.

Give us a chance to be your source for products and information and let us join your family in being fully prepared for whatever the world throws at us in coming years.

The Back40 Family



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