Sep 12

How Connected Are You?

mediaI’m embarrassed to admit just how much time I spend online. Of course, it is my “real job” as a writer to be online…. but still…. I worry about time spent sitting on my butt and poking away at a keyboard.

Then there are the kids…. according to recent studies, kids spend on average of 7 hour per day working or playing with electronic devices. 7 HOURS! Doing what? Fighting electronic aliens? Looking at Cat videos? Sharing secrets with friends? Doing homework?

The world is changing, we are all connected. No longer are kids encouraged to write with paper and pen. My daughter’s 6th grade English Teacher let us know on Back to School night that most assignments will be done online. And no, they will not have to write essays out longhand first (I asked).

But, how far will it go? Where is the tipping point?

Just how invasive will electronics become? Today it’s a watch or glasses with web-access; will we be plugging ourselves in, or running our arms through a scanner tomorrow?

And then, what happens if things fall apart, and electronics are no longer usable? Will we be able to read, write, learn, communicate ideas or entertain ourselves without electronics? Will the next generation of kids be able to go out and play?

I guess I don’t really have any answers, just suggestions.

climb a treeBooks…. read actual books. Keep them around so your kids see them. Encourage them to read too. Discuss and share. The topic isn’t important… The ability to absorb knowledge, from the written page is important (and can be lifesaving, if you collect the right kind of library).

Write… letters, journals, postcards….Remember how wonderful it was to get an actual letter in the mail? Did you ever sit in a tree and write about your day? Even something as simple as journaling your garden efforts will pay benefits.

Play… go outside and PLAY! and work, plant a garden, and breathe in and out. Take the kids with you. Touch and smell. Build something, get dirty. Climb and explore. Let the kids explore. They will be fine. You were.

Get moving… don’t just sit tethered to an electronic device… walk, dance, get off your backside! A healthy body stands a better chance of survival than a sedentary one.

I’m not saying dump the electronics. I’m saying….use moderation, and be sure you able to survive without them.


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