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Emergency Essentials – Storing Rice

How to Store White Rice

White Rice

White Rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rice can be purchased in large sacks (20-50 lbs.) but it is best stored in smaller more manageable portions.

If you are using your rice regularly, zip lock bags stored in a dark dry place should be enough to keep your rice edible for 4 years. (Barring critter invasion)

If you are storing rice for the long term, portion the rice into Mylar bags, drop in a food safe oxygen absorber, and seal it shut. Store the bags in a food grade 5 gallon bucket. White rice stored this way could last for up to 30 years (that’s the longest it’s been studied… it’s possible that it could last longer).

As always, check your stockpiled food regularly for signs of pest or rodent infestation. They love grains.

How to Store Brown Rice

Store brown rice in Mylar Bags with an Oxygen Absorber. (When I do this, I just keep enough rice in each bag for one meal.) Keep the mylar bags in a food grade bucket in a cool dark place.

You should get a few years out of it.

Discard if it smells really off.

How much Rice Should You Store?

According to a study done by the University of Utah, each family should have 300 pounds of rice stored to see them through a year. That number sounds really high, but if you consider that many other food sources could be cut off, the rice could be a lifesaver.

Another way to look at it is that each person should have 25 to 60 pounds of Rice stored to last for a year. This depends also on eating habits and preferences.

Pests and Critters in Rice-

There are many people on the internet who warn about bugs or bug eggs in rice. These people suggest sticking your rice in the freezer for a day or so to kill off said eggs before storing it.

Consider this…. bugs lay their eggs in the ground outside, where it can get pretty cold in winter.

I’m not sure your freezer will take care of the bug problem.

Others say to zap the rice in a microwave for a minute or two before bagging it. This should kill off those pesky invaders. I’ve never had a bug problem with my rice, and I’ve never bothered with this step.

HOWEVER- If you are concerned, and you want to eliminate all worries, go ahead and do it.

Or just consider any bugs/eggs to be a source of protein.

Should You Store Rice?

Rice is a fabulous food source. It is loaded with nutrients and the energy we need to keep moving. Besides that, this chameleon food can be combined with any vegetables, beans, or meats to create a satisfying meal. Don’t forget to add Rice to your Prepper Pantry.

Emergency Essentials- Brown Rice or White Rice?

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