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Faraday Bags to Protect Your Electronics From EMPs

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Our world is addicted to electronics. A large Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could disrupt life as we know it. From one minute to the next we would lose the ability to use phones, computers and even our cars. Fortunately, a Faraday cage, or Faraday bag, will protect essential electronics. Mainstream Media is now acknowledging that we are not prepared for an EMP strike.

What is an EMP?

An Electro Magnetic Pulse can be man-made (there are “non-lethal” bombs that are designed specifically to disrupt the electrical grid), or it can come from an intense solar flare. Should an EMP be detonated or affect your area, you won’t see it, and you won’t feel it, but any electronics that are not protected will be fried. From one second to the next, we are back in the Dark Ages. Batteries will be shorted, and rendered useless, your phone will make a lovely paperweight, a car with an electric ignition won’t start (all those Leaf drivers are going to be stuck), and anything you plug in will be dead in the water. There is a way to protect your most essential electronics.

Michael Faraday, a 19th century scientist, devised a way to control electricity… to shield objects from electromagnetic fields. By placing electronics inside of a grounded Faraday Cage, or strong Faraday Bag, you can save them. Think of a Faraday Bag or Cage as a Force field that surrounds electronics and keeps them safe.

What  should you put into a Faraday Cage or Faraday Bag??

Many people want to protect their Cell Phones, unfortunately, although you can save your phone, it won’t work, since the towers will all be out. Instead, save a set of Two Way Radios, or a Ham Radio (obviously something this large should be protected with a cage). You can protect laptops, but it’s easier to protect thumb drives or external hard drives. If the power comes back up, you will be able to recover your information.

You can also use your Faraday Cage or Faraday Bag to shield your electronics from prying eyes. Currently, any GPS equipped Cell Phone or device can be tracked with as few as four data points. Even if the phone is turned off, external forces can be used to activate it. Scary. In fact, it is common practice in law enforcement to tuck confiscated phones and laptops into Faraday Bags to shield them from external manipulation. To keep your location and your information shielded, put your phone in a Faraday Bag. And the latest trick? Scanning your credit card while it is inside your wallet! Shield it with a Credit Card Holder

There are many sites online that will tell you that a car or microwaves make a great Faraday cage, or that a potato chip bag with a foil interior will keep your electronics safe. While a car will keep you from being electrocuted in a lightning storm, and the foil bag might shield your phone from low level electromagnetics, these are not enough to protect from EMPs. And really, who wants to store electronics in a microwave?  Electronic devices have become a lifeline for communications in our world. Don’t let an EMP leave you isolated, add a Faraday Cage or Faraday Bag to your Prepper supply list.

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