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Five Essential Nutrient Rich Vegetables for Your Garden

Nutrient Rich VegetablesNutrient Rich Vegetables

Not all vegetables are created equal. The nutrition found in leafy greens far exceeds what you might find in your average cucumber. If you are planting a garden for maximum value with limited resources, it might be good to plant nutrient rich vegetables that will provide you with the most return/benefit. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t bother with other vegetables, planting a variety is healthy and makes your meals more interesting. But for the most the bang for your garden buck, plant these….

Leafy Greens- This includes Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard

Loaded with folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, these “super foods” are perfect to keep your body running. Studies have proven that they fight diabetes, and are essential for staving off many cancers. The Vitamin K makes them essential for bone health. Eat them raw, in a salad, or prepared as a soup or stir fry.

Potatoes/ Sweet Potatoes

These Tubers contain all the nutrients we need to sustain life… and they taste really good. Potatoes are loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium, making them perfect to maintain heart health. Sweet Potatoes are also loaded with Postassium, as well as Vitamin A for skin, eye and heart health. Serve them baked, mashed or in a soup. tomato


Tomatoes are another Nutrient Rich Vegetable high in antioxidants which are essential for clearing toxins from the body. They also have Lycopene, which studies prove is good for vision and heart health. And tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin K, to promote bone health. The versatile tomato can be eaten fresh, or made into sauces. And because they preserve well, in cans or dried, they make a great addition to the pantry as well as the garden.

Garlic/Onions Onions and garlic may not be the first vegetables you think of when it comes to nutrition, but these little underground marvels are loaded with alliin, an amino acid associated with antibiotic and antibacterial effects. They are great against heart disease, respiratory illnesses, and they can protect against stomach cancer (and vampires). Maybe you don’t want to eat garlic or onions straight, but they certainly add delicious flavor when prepared with many different foods, such as soups and stews. onion

Peppers- Red, Green, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers are LOADED with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which means they are full of antioxidants, as well as folic acid and fiber. This means the lowly bell pepper can help lower cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease and stroke, and can help prevent colon cancer. Also, peppers are versatile. They can be eaten raw or cooked, stuffed, or used as a flavor enhancer.

When planting a garden for maximum nutrition, consider your space wisely. Veggies like leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, pepper and potatoes not only come packed with nutrition, they taste good and they store well. Go out and plant some in your garden today! Also be sure to store some extra Non GMO Seeds for your essential survival garden, because you never know when the next emergency will come.

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