May 28

Lifestraw Water Bottle- The Filter Water Bottle for On the Go

lifestraw water bottleMost of us know about Lifestraw. It’s a phenomenal invention! The personal drinking device that filters bacteria and microbes out of water while you suck it up was designed for emergency situations or areas of the world that have been stuck by disaster. The Lifestraw company even gives away a device in the third world, for every one purchased in the first world. Each lifestraw should last up to a year, filtering over 1000 liters of water safely. Millions of people worldwide will be safe from water borne illness because of this simple device.

All that is great, but who wants to walk around drinking out of a straw all the time? For anyone who travels, or camps, or heads into areas where water might be suspect, Lifestraw has created a Lifestraw Water Bottle. It looks like a regular plastic water bottle, but it contains a filter to make the water safe for drinking WITHOUT BOILING it first.

The Lifestraw water bottle not only makes water more portable, it’s much more discrete than, since the filter is fully contained within the bottle.  If you are traveling somewhere, and aren’t sure of the local water supply, just fill your Lifestraw bottle, and drink safely.

Like the original, it filters the water down to 0.2 microns, and each one is good for 1000 liters of water. The BPA free bottle contains 670 ml, about standard for water bottles. It does have an attached carabiner, so it can be attached to backpacks or belt loops for easy access. And the bottle is easy to clean, since the top and filter can be removed. You can even replace the filter to keep using the bottle.

We recently bought a few of these bottles to use on camping trips to the back country, and to stick in the car BOB. The cost may seem a little bit high, but compare that to buying 1000 liters of bottled water (if bottled water is even available.) Or worse, a hospital visit, because you are sick from bad water!

Storing water is important, but water is heavy and bulky. If you have a Lifestraw Water Bottle, you can filter as much water as you need!!



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