Essential Survival Seed Vault

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All the essential vegetable seeds you need to grow and acre’s worth of food for your family should the need arise due to social or natural disaster striking. With these Heirloom, non GMO, non Hybrid seeds you will be assured of having the seeds you need to grow a great garden of food for your family. These seeds are developed by one of the best seed growers in the USA so you can be assured of their quality.

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Protect Your Family


A Back 40 Survival Seed Vault ensures that you have the means to feed your family for a year, even if an emergency state causes a disruption in food distribution.

The Seed Vault is a waterproof canister that holds 16 sealed triple layer foil bags of seeds varieties that grow into nutrient rich foods. After a decade of testing, we insure that each container is guaranteed to safely store seeds for up to 4 years.

Our expert horticulturists have been testing the seed varieties in various garden environments to insure high yield and maximum success. The Back 40 Survival Seed Vault container includes 16 seed varieties of nutritionally dense vegetables and legumes. These 22,000 non-GMO non-hybrid seeds can be planted on an acre (or less) of land to feed a family of 4 for one year. As a special bonus, we included our proven growing guide to help make planting your garden foolproof.

Since the seed banks are fairly inexpensive, and take up little storage space, it makes sense to buy a few extras for your stockpile. Store them in various locations for safety. Use additional seed banks for barter. Remember, in a world where money has no value, possessing items, such as extra seeds, makes you very wealthy indeed.

By purchasing the Back 40 Seed Vault, you will insure that you have the ability to feed your family, even when all other avenues are shut down. Seeds should be an essential part of your preparedness kit. You will be self-sufficient, and keep your loved ones from going hungry without help from outside. This could save your life.

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  • SELECTED BY EXPERTS! 16 Varieties of specially chosen and tested nutritionally dense seeds for your Survival Garden.
  • EASY TO GROW, whether you are a professional gardener or a first timer, and are adapted for a wide variety of growing conditions and climates.
  • SAFE AND GUARANTEED – Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO seeds that “breed true” which means that seeds from your Seed Vault garden vegetables can be harvested for continuous seed replenishment or barter.
  • PERFECT FOR THE GO-BAG! Back40 Seeds are sealed in a triple foil bag that can be resealed with a zip-lock.-Seed bags are sealed in a hermetically sealed waterproof 1 gallon can for extra freshness. This lightweight can is easy to store and transport.
  • SEEDS VIABLE FOR 4 YEARS if stored in a cool dry climate. Make sure your family is secure for the future in any scenario.

[notice]Don’t let your family be caught unprepared to deal with any situation that comes up. Be prepared today. Get several of these and store them for any emergency. They will make a great barter item too should the time come.[/notice]


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