Natural Herbs

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Herbs 101

When looking to stay prepared for anything that comes along in life we should all know how to grow our own food if it comes to that. Natural Herbs and their usefulness in cooking satisfying foods for our families is one aspect. But their usefulness as medicines for various ailments cannot be dismissed. This book will help you to understand how to grow a natural herb garden but it will also teach you how to use them effectively for cooking and curing ailments in times of need, or even in your everyday life.

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For thousands of years people have been cultivating and harvesting herbs to heal illness, improve our health, and add flavor to our foods. Herbs are easy to grow, easy to harvest, and for the most part, storing and preserving them is quite simple.

In these days of pills for everything, we forget that plants can take care of our ailments.

Wouldn’t you rather go into the garden than to the pharmacy? And what if you can’t get to medicines? Wouldn’t it be good to know that you can treat many illnesses with what you grow in your garden? Fortunately for us, most common herbs have been studied and tested, and their benefits documented. Learning which herbs to use and how to use them is as easy as opening a book.

And while it’s true that stockpiling foods like grains and beans in case of disaster or need is a great idea to keep yourself and your family alive in times of catastrophe, just having basic staples isn’t enough, food should taste good too! You can tell yourself that hunger is the best sauce, and that the kids will eat it eventually, but plain unseasoned beans are awful. The simple act of adding basil, parsley, savory or thyme to beans can make them sing! And with herbs, that humble chicken can be transformed into gourmet fare. I’ve included a simple chart to help you decide which herb to use for which dish. Feel free to experiment, be creative, and try new flavors! The same is true for the seasoning recipes, mix things up a bit, add more of what you like, experiment, and get comfortable with your herbs.

Herbs are easy to grow, and most don’t mind poor soil. Some are annual, others are perennials, and most are easy to harvest. You can use herbs when they are fresh, or dry them for storage. These versatile plants are a must for any garden.

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