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Spring Seed Planting Time

Spring Seed Planting TimeHey Preppers spring seed planting time is here. Winter is waning and it is now time to plant your spring vegetable garden. Our customers who have bought the Essential Seed Kit know that they have plenty of seeds to use now for your garden and many more to save for your survival seed vault in case of dire emergency.

Remember, for the best chance of success, be sure to plant them at the right time. Knowing when the last frost of the season will hit your area is vital … you can check the Frost/Freeze Data for your information here…. NCDC Frost Freeze Data. Make note of the temperature data for your area. Then check the seed packets. Plant outside AFTER the freeze. However, if you are planting indoors, go ahead and subtract the germination time along with a few weeks for the seeds to become seedlings indoors, before you transplant them outdoors.

While cold-hardy vegetables like peas and spinach,  can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked, other seeds will be killed by frost. Hold off on planting your squashes and cucumbers until the frost danger has passed. And be aware that warm season crops like tomatoes, eggplant and peppers will die in frosty temperatures.

One way to start early is to plant your seeds indoors in your home or greenhouse. There are special seedling starter kits that you can use for this (most of them are reusable, so they can be saved for next year, or for another crop). Start the seeds in a warm location (70-80 degrees), then move them to a slightly cooler location after they sprout (60-70).  After a few weeks indoors, the seedlings can be transplanted outdoors. Don’t forget to “harden” your seedlings by allowing them to spend a few hours outside every day for a few days. This will acclimate them to cooler temperatures, and insure your chances of success.

If you have the Essential Seed Kit, now is the time to really look at it, now that spring seed planting time is here. You want to sketch a garden lay-out so that your vegetables are planted in a practical way that makes sense for growth and harvest. It’s also time to schedule the planting of your seeds. Remember, the Seed Kit has enough seeds for an acre of land, so you can reseal any unused seeds, and store them for next year… or for an emergency.

Start this Spring off on the right foot, plant a garden. Save money, be more self-sufficient, and boost the health of your family by eating all those delicious vegetables!

Spring Seed Planting Time

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