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Apr 24

Secret Rooms – Keep Your Food Storage and Survival Supplies Safe and Hidden

secret rooms

Stockpiling food and supplies for your family is the right thing to do. The question is, do you want to share with everyone you know? If people see that you have food, medicines and important tools to get through an emergency situation, where do you think they will head when trouble starts? Suddenly, you have acquaintances and strangers …

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Apr 03

Start A Fire With Corks!

wine cork

Love this simple fire starting trick! Save the corks from any bottle of wine that you have finished enjoying. Make sure they are REAL CORKS (not the synthetic ones, or the screw tops… the ones made from actual cork). Save the corks in a jar filled with rubbing alcohol. Keep the lid on tight. (Don’t …

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Mar 06

Paper Pot Maker

paper pot maker

If you like to start your garden from seeds, you need growing containers. The problem is that most of these little pots are made of plastic… and they need to be purchased. Sure, you can use old yogurt containers, but then in the end you have a stack of dirty yogurt containers. The Paper Pot Maker will recycle …

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Mar 02

Emergency Survival Kit for Kids

emergency survival kit for kids

Keeping your kids safe with an emergency survival kit for kids It’s a fact of life; I can’t spend every moment watching my kids. I really want my kids to have as “normal” a life as possible. To me, it’s important that they learn to navigate the world, and all its dangers, when I’m not there. They …

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