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Mar 20

Dry Ice Method for Sealing a Food Bucket

sealing buckets with dry ice

Sealing a food bucket using dry ice If your plan is to store buckets of grain for the long term, you need to insure that your precious stockpile is not affected by oxygen. You can use Oxygen Absorbers for small packets, but if you want to efficiently remove the oxygen from a bucket, there is a more …

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Mar 14

Grain Mill Review for Preppers

grain mill

Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain / Flour Mill by Wondermill Stocking a pantry with grains is an important part of creating an emergency stockpile and for becoming more self-sufficient. But, how do you convert the grains like Oats, Millet and Rice into flour? Flour is an essential ingredient in many of our foods. We use it for …

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