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Aug 12

Saving Seeds

saving seeds

Saving seeds from your garden is a great way to insure that you have a great supply of seeds for next year. But… how do you do it? Note- It is very important that the vegetables be mature before you harvest them for seeds. I know the 2 foot zucchini tastes bland, but you can’t …

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Mar 07

Basil in your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Basil is another great herb to have in your cabinet Basil is a must for every kitchen and medicinal garden. This annual is easy to grow in the garden, or in containers. This leafy herb is bright green and looks and wonderful as it smells. Basil does grow some pretty little flowers, go ahead and pinch those …

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Mar 06

Paper Pot Maker

paper pot maker

If you like to start your garden from seeds, you need growing containers. The problem is that most of these little pots are made of plastic… and they need to be purchased. Sure, you can use old yogurt containers, but then in the end you have a stack of dirty yogurt containers. The Paper Pot Maker will recycle …

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Mar 04

Herbal Medicine Cabinet- Chamomile

Chamomile- I love having Chamomile in my garden. This pretty sweet plant from the Daisy family, is covered with little white flowers all summer long. German Chamomile is an annual that forms a 3 foot bushy sort of plant, while Roman Chamomile is a perennial that grows low to the ground. My preference is for the German Chamomile …

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Feb 19

Prepper Garden – Build A Vertical Garden In Small Space

prepper garden

Building a Prepper Garden in the Space You Have Now Are you dealing with tight space, but you still want to plant a survival garden? Maybe you live in an apartment with a patio, or a home with a small yard. Consider installing a vertical garden. Vertical Gardens take very little space, add beauty to the …

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