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Feb 28

Storing Oatmeal – Ideas and Recipes

Why Store Oatmeal? Anyone who stockpiles or stores food should have Oatmeal, and not just for breakfast. -Oatmeal makes a filling meal to start your day. It can even be prepared with little or no energy in a Dutch Oven or Wonderbag should the power go out. -Oatmeal can be used to stretch ground meat. -Oatmeal …

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Feb 27

Storing Oatmeal

Prepper Food Storage Ideas Who would have thought that there is so much information about Oatmeal? When we were kids, it just appeared at the breakfast table on cold mornings. I loved eating it with milk and brown sugar (I admit sometimes a little too much brown sugar). It turns out that Oatmeal is a healthy, reasonably inexpensive, …

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