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Waterbrick Review – do you need this in your cache?

waterbrick reviewYou can have all the food, knives and Paracord in the world, but without water, you will die. The recent water issues in Toledo, Ohio remind us how incredibly precious this essential item can become. If, from one day to the next you couldn’t drink the water coming out of your tap, would you be equipped to handle it? Do you have enough water stored? And are you able to tap into or move your water easily.

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but the thought of lifting and maneuvering heavy water containers makes me a bit nervous. 7gallon containers are heavy! And those 55 gallon drums are great… but you need a pump to get the water out (and forget about taking it along if you bug out!).



So what’s the solution?
Recently we tested the WaterBrick, and I want to share our thoughts about this product.

At first glance, they look like overgrown Lego building blocks. In fact, this is one of the selling features of WaterBricks. You can stack them together, and they will interlock, and stay in place. (My daughter thinks they would make a killer fort!).

The full sized WaterBricks hold 3.5 gallons of water. This may not seem like much, but you can stack them up higher than standard water jugs, and they have a smaller footprint than barrels. (Squares fit better in places than circles). Stack them along a wall in a closet, or slide them under a bed. The website even suggests making a coffee table out of WaterBricks…. that might be going a bit too far!
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You can also store dry goods like beans, rice, or wheat in the containers. Ammunition can also tucked inside where it’s kept safe and dry.

And they are sturdy enough to freeze!

Each block has a handle, so it is easy to carry. I can carry two (one in each hand) without trouble. Even the kids can manage to carry one. There is no moving a 55 gallon barrel. Granted, it is more of a pain to fill multiple water containers rather than one big container… but I figure that balances when you consider you don’t have to leave them behind in Bug Out situations.

Now for the downside, and it’s a biggie. They are pricey. 8 full sized bricks cost just over $140. You can purchase fewer for less money, but it’s not as cost efficient. I know the price will have a lot of you wondering if it’s worth it. The way I see it, this is a high quality product with multiple uses and a long life expectancy. I’m happy with the set of 8 we have… and for now, I plan to stick with the 8 WaterBricks inside, and keep my rain barrel outside while I save up for another set.

Waterbrick Review








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