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First Aid Manual for SurvivalFirst Aid Manual for Survival

Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid by Dr. William Forgey

Nothing takes the place of a hands-on course in first aid, and knowing how to do CPR properly or suture a wound is something best learned by practicing. However, when it comes to preparation and survival, it’s impossible to know everything, and that’s when a great First Aid manual is needed.

Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid is a terrific book to have on your shelves or in your bug-out bag. Dr. William Forgey covers all of the basics of emergency medicine in a clear, concise, and easy to follow along manner. The book is well illustrated and contains step-by-step drawings.





Learn how to-

-Pack a good First Aid Kit, and know how to use each item.

-Survey, Assess and stabilize the victim in an emergency situation.

-Identify and Treat Shock

-Suture a Wound

-Treat Burns and Blisters

-Assess and set broken bones

-Identify Snakes and Spiders, and treat their bites

-Treat dehydration, heat stroke or hypothermia

-Administer CPR and deal with Cardiac Arrest

Whether you are in the wild, miles from help, or in a city during an emergency situation, if help is not on the way, it’s up to you to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid was written with the lay person without a medical degree in mind. But that doesn’t mean it was dumbed down. Dr Forgey doesn’t waste time teaching you how to wash your hands; he teaches you how to save a life.

Tuck this little information packed book into your first aid kit.
Wilderness Medicine, 6th: Beyond First Aid

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