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Mar 01

Wonderbag – Review

wonder bag review

Wonderbag – Cooking without Power I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first saw the Wonderbag. It looks like a bean bag chair for the pre-school set. How could it possibly cook a meal? But it turns out that this puffy bag can take the place of a long term cooker. This means using less …

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Feb 28

Storing Oatmeal – Ideas and Recipes

Why Store Oatmeal? Anyone who stockpiles or stores food should have Oatmeal, and not just for breakfast. -Oatmeal makes a filling meal to start your day. It can even be prepared with little or no energy in a Dutch Oven or Wonderbag should the power go out. -Oatmeal can be used to stretch ground meat. -Oatmeal …

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