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Joos Orange Solar Charger – Keep Your Gear Powered

joos orange solar charger
The Joos Orange Solar Charger by Solar is a portable solar charger that is super easy to use. You can use it to power your phone or other small electronic devices. It’s great for everyday, and essential for emergencies.

My son asked for, and received one, at Christmas. I was skeptical. What teenager wants a solar charger? He’s not really a techie… more of an average teen who is on his phone CONSTANTLY (text, video, games….). And then it hit me. His phone can’t possibly hold a charge all day… the Solar Joos Orange Charger fits neatly into his backpack and gym bag… so it goes along and gives his phone a top-up during the day. (He will even set it in the sun on the back seat of the car).

Great for a Go-Bag, perfect for campers, and overseas travelers, the Joos Portable Orange Solar Charger has a sleek modern design, and is certain to appeal to anyone who loves to use gadgets… but can’t be tied to an electrical outlet.
But the person who really needs this? The reluctant Prepper in your world. The guy (or girl) who thinks that the world is all rainbows and Thai Take-out. If something happens… make that WHEN something happens to rock their world, they won’t be able to function without power.

The Joos Orange Solar Charger can give them back some power (won’t help with the Thai food though).


What Can You Charge With the Joos Orange Solar Charger?

Any Small Device that You Have

Whether you are out on the town, camping in the woods, or overseas…. this solar charger will keep your gadgets going at the same speed that plugging in to a wall outlet would.

Warning… the charger is NOT strong enough to power a laptop computer.

  • Phones Comes with a number of adapters for different phones.
  • Kindle and Nook tablets Has adapters for your Readers.
  • IPad and IPod– Keep your tablets RUNNING.
  • Handheld Games If you keep games in the car or in your car or bag for the kids… use the charger to keep them going.

Joos Orange Solar Charger Specs.

The Joos Orange Solar Charger is fast and easy to use. One hour in the sun will give you 2 hours of talking power on your 3G phone! Or several games on your device. It’s 3 1/2 times faster than any other solar charging device!

The charger holds 5400 mHz of power…. that’s enough to charge your Iphone twice, with a bit left over for another device.

Because it’s not too big (only about 10 x 7 inches) you can easily carry it along with you in a backpack. You can even strap it to the outside of your backpack, to charge as you go!

You don’t even need bright sunshine to make the charger work. It will charge in low light, and even drizzle. AND the charger is waterproof! No worries about dropping it in the pool, or letting it sit out in the rain.

Can’t get outside? go ahead and plug your Orange Joos Charger into your computer with the USB connector, and you can draw power from there to take with you.

This is a Fairly Comprehensive Review of the Orange Joos Charger

Tigger Travels gives an honest assessment of the Joos Charger and how he used it. He also describes his interaction with customer service.

Joos Orange Solar Charger

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