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Paper Pot Maker

paper pot maker reviewIf you like to start your garden from seeds, you need growing containers. The problem is that most of these little pots are made of plastic… and they need to be purchased. Sure, you can use old yogurt containers, but then in the end you have a stack of dirty yogurt containers. The Paper Pot Maker will recycle newspapers or brown paper bags into the perfect sized growing post for your seedlings. And then when it’s time to plant, you can just set the plant WITH ITS PAPER CONTAINER into the ground. The paper will disintegrate back into the earth.

Paper Pot Maker

The Paper Pot maker is easy to use, just cut a strip of newspaper approximately 5 inches wide (a rolling paper cutter is perfect for this), wrap it around the wooden form, fold the bottom, and give it a twist with the attachment. Done! You’ve made a perfect paper pot. I even get the kids involved, and we can knock out a season’s worth in one afternoon.paper pot maker

Now, I know that there are DIY pot maker videos where you use a bottle or can to create the form, what makes this Paper Pot Maker so different? Well, from what I’ve seen, those require that you TAPE the bottom together to make the pot solid. The Paper Pot Maker has a divot in the bottom, and when you twist the attachment over it, the pot folds in on itself and stays together. You don’t have to plant a piece of tape.

A newspaper pot obviously won’t “hold up” forever, eventually water will break it down. However, these paper pots will last long enough for your seeds to sprout and get strong enough for transplanting. The Paper Pot Maker is a “green” solution for your seed sprouting needs.

paper pot maker
Get your Do-It-Yourself Plant PotMaker from Newspaper

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