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soccer momI was thinking today about how similar Prepping is to being a Sports Mom. Think about it… my kids are soccer players, but I’ve heard similar experiences from the mothers of Hockey, Baseball and Basketball players. Of course, the supreme Prepper sports moms have swimmers (all day meets) or Volleyball players (all day tournaments). If you can handle those grueling days… prepping should be a snap.




Take a look at this-


Sports Moms

Prepper Moms

Sports bags are packed with all necessary equipment! Shin guards, water bottle, uniform, snack, shoes, tape, and towel.
EquipmentBug Out bags are packed with all necessary equipment! Food, Water, Clothing, tools,matches and first aid kit.
FeedingSports moms can feed a hungry crowd of 15 teens and their parents on a soccer field at a moment’s notice. FeedingPrepper Moms can feed their family of 4 for 6 months under emergency conditions at a moment’s notice.
Feeding (part2)Always has some sort of high energy snack food somewhere close by… either in her car or in her purse… for hungry kids. Feeding (part2)Always has some sort of high energy snack food somewhere close by… either in her car or in her bug out bag… for hungry people.
TransportationHas a vehicle that can carry several teens and their gear… as well as extra food… No way to spiked heels… ever try walking across a field in them? And you’d be kicked out of a gym for marring the floor. TransportationBig enough vehicle to bug out with family and gear…
OrienteeringFinding a field, gym, pool, in the middle of nowhere, hours from home, even in the dark is child’s play! OrienteeringHas no problems using a compass and a map, or GPS to find any location or meeting place.
Organization3 kids have to be on different fields in different cities at the same time? No problem. OrganizationGetting 3 kids from 3 different places in different cities to one safe location? No problem.

When the SHTF, we are leaving those prissy girls in spiked heels in our dust…I guess what I’m saying is…. don’t be daunted by the idea of prepping… if you have active kids,you probably already have the skill set. Take what you know, and adjust it to suit prepping needs.


Guest Author

kathyKathy Kenyon – Kathy Kenyon is a recently single mom who is just getting her feet wet in survival prepping. While she’s still a rookie, her insights about the Prepper mom/sports mom skill set are pretty spot on.

Kathy Kenyon is new to Emergency Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency. Like many of us, she took one look at all of the information…. and got completely overwhelmed. (In fact, I think she might have hidden under the bed for a few hours). Now she’s slowly getting on track, and keeping a public journal, so others can see that a suburban single mom CAN be ready for any emergency. Kathy is still unsure how far her journey will take her, but we are having fun watching and cheering her on.

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