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The Dehydrator Bible Review

Dehydrator Bible
The newest addition to my kitchen library is the very complete “The Dehydrator Bible” by Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay Nutt & Don Mercer. I love my food dehydrator, but never felt like I was making the most of it. Sure, I dehydrated fruit for snacks and trail mix, and I make KILLER Beef Jerkey… but I always had a feeling I could do more to preserve the bounty from my garden, and actually make interesting and delicious use of the products of my labor.

The Dehydrator Bible starts out with basic explanations on how a dehydrator works, what things you need to look for in a good dehydrator, and what other tools are useful when prepping foods to dehydrate. There is also some great information on storing dehydrated foods.

Then next part details HOW to dehydrate various fruits, vegetables, herbs and even meats. How to prepare it, how long it will take, and how to test for doneness…. there are even special tips on making the preparation easier!

So, now you have this dehydrated stuff… what do you do with it?

Recipes for Dehydrated Foods

(This is my favorite part, because I love reading recipes.)
The authors share a few hundred recipes that use your dehydrated foods. Everything from Rice Pilaf to Fruit Leather to even more advanced recipes like “Tex-Mex Beef Fajitas” (made with salsa leather, beef jerky, dried beans, dehydrated peppers and dried onions…. just add water!)

You will find recipes for sweet treats, savory meals, healthy stews, salad dressings and more. There are even ideas for gifts and crafts! This really is a complete book.

You don’t need to fill your pantry with processed foods you buy from the grocery store? “The Dehydrator Bible” gives you the knowledge to create your own scalloped Potatoes, Stuffing, and Smoked Sausage Risotto.

Perfect for Camping or a Bug Out Bag

Why load up your pack with expensive purchased “pre-made” meals. You could easily assemble and bag these dehydrated meals (sealed air-tight they should last for ages) to take with you. They are light weight, healthy, and without the strange preservatives that mass produced foods have to include.

The Dehydrator Bible is a worthy addition to your Kitchen Library

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The Dehydrator Bible Review

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